Physician Info

Physician Info

Have a patient interested in a study? Want to join our network of qualified physicians? Scroll down to find out more.

doctor informing patient about clinical study

Have a patient interested in a Medical Study?

Are you a healthcare provider and have a patient who may be interested in a clinical trial? Find out here what clinical trials are available at Montana Medical Research and get information specific for healthcare providers.

*If you are not a healthcare provider, please navigate away from this page. Study materials for those interested in participating can be found by clicking on the Current Studies tab at the top of the page.

Share Your Expertise

Montana Medical Research has been working with local investigator physicians for over 20 years and we understand what is needed to perform a successful clinical trial. Our experience with numerous sponsors, CROs, and IRBs as well as our highly trained staff, allow us to effectively enroll and manage clinical trials.

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